Saturday, April 7, 2007

Bryan- Reader Nomination

Name: Bryan
Age: 29
Taylorsville, North Carolina

Why he's a star:
  • In his about me section, he lets us know that everything he's passionate about is a result of his relationship with Jesus, and that that fact doesn't make him cool, or uncool. Well, B-Spot, you're half right.
  • He has a video of some little Jesus campers doing a funky little dance. The only person worth watching is the adult in the front because none of these girls were blessed with the gift of rhythm, but the audience doesn't give a rat's ass; they're all "Go, Jesus. Go, girls. Go, Jesus. Go, girls. Shake what the Lord gave ya." Watching the video kind of makes me want to become a Jesus camp dance choreographer, and teach dem girls to pop dat ass and shake it fast.
  • He has the same profile song as Mayor Jim. But it all makes sense to me because, now that I think of it, I recall seeing those two in the commercial for TimeLife's Songs 4 Ship: Shout to the Lord.
  • Bryan likes seeing people being saved, watching students fire at Jesus--oh, I'm sorry, that's get fired up FOR Jesus, and "any thing competitive." That last one kind of strikes me because I can totally see Bryan getting fired up for a rousing game of, "Guess why the other person is going to hell."
The Pictures

Happy Easter, Bryan. Your lurve for Him has landed you a much coveted spot on our little blog. I'm sorry I made fun of you because you really do seem like a sweet guy...for me to poop on! Zing!