Thursday, April 5, 2007


Name: Jim
Age: 31
Location: Tyrone, Pennsylvania
Why he's a star:
  • The background to his profile is evocative of the reckoning. I've never experienced the reckoning, per se, but I imagine it involves cacti, lightning, and bad Jesus rock.
  • He's the mayor of the great town of Tyrone, PA and he's on Myspace. Now, I know mayors are people too, and they have lives and all that gobbledygook, but don't you think that you should maybe, like, not have public personal profiles that sound even mildly evangelical? Just a thought, no need to condemn me to hell.
  • He has a video that urges us to hear the battle cry and join in and do the Lord's work. That's all good, and more power to you, Jim, but the video is so not working for me. It's a dizzying mix of iPod and Target commercials, and the music video for "Seven Nation Army." And the song? Oh, goodness that song. It's like a mixture of Nickelback, and Creed. Hold on, my ears are bleeding; I need a moment.
  • Dude, he was created to, like, bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. If that's not star-worthy, then I don't know the meaning of the word.
  • Jimmy, seems like a nice enough guy, so I'm going to commend him for not saying he wants to meet Jesus or God. I'm also being nice because he's a frickin' mayor, and I'm pretty sure he can have me tried for heresy and hanged, or something like that. They still do that crap, right?
The Pictures

If you're interested in helping Jim out with spreading the Word and whatnot, check him out here. While you're there, check out Jim's versatile smile and watch those videos because they're that good.

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