Monday, April 2, 2007


Name: Monica
Age: 21

Location: In or around Grinnell, Iowa

Why she's a star:
  • She doesn't contextualize anything. I've met people like that, and I hate them. Instead of answering the damn question they retort with some inane drivel about a glass of water, the universe and elephants. Shut it, and just tell the cashier if you want your receipt in the bag.
  • Though her choice in colleges might suggest otherwise, homegirl is a pseudointellectual. I know what you're thinking, "Oh, Pamela. You're a sage goddess and Jess Stam ain't nothing on you." You'd be right in thinking so, but you'd also be right in questioning my logic. A gander at Monica's interest section makes it all crystal clear. Rather than list an author's most resonant work, she just lists the author's name because she's read everything the author has put to paper. She's that book learn'd, y'all. Plus, you know she read Canterbury Tales for fun...when she was 10.
  • What, bitch? Under your favorite television show you say,"saucer-like eyes drift towards their respective sides and separate, never to be considered a pair again.." First of all ellipses have three periods, secondly, we get it you don't watch television. But if Kurt Vonnegut had a show, you know this ho would snuggle up on the couch with a jar of vegan con queso and seaweed chips and watch til the sky is gray, trees wilting from guilt of the punishing earth..
  • She says that she's an aesthete by profession, but she also procures proselytes (a term she totally ganked from an art history course) which pretty much means that she's one of those gallery snobs who smokes cloves, tries super hard to come across as obsceuro* and pimps out chickenheads on the side.
The Pictures

As you can tell by the quick summary of her [insert pretentious adjective here] profile, Monica is h to the il HILARIOUS! Check her out here. Who knows maybe she'll want to meet up to ponder Polaroids over some baby arugula mint tea and organic Peruvian orphans..

*Obscuero: obscure and Euro.

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