Saturday, April 14, 2007


Name: Justin
Age: 26

Location: Burlington, Vermont

Why he's a star:
  • Justin says this, "I tell it how it is. No sugarcoated bullshit. In my book, the sickest style is flip-flops - no matter what the season or occasion" and means it. Really, Justin? The sickest style? You all know what that means, Justin's the douche bag who wears flip-flops and shorts in the middle of a nor'easter. If you ask him about being cold, you better run like the wind because if one more person asks him that question, he swears to God...
  • He's freakin' diesel! I mean it. This guy loves life and is determined to live the shit out of it. He's like a Red Bull, North Face and Jeep commercial just waiting to happen. I get the feeling that he doesn't even stop to use the WC, he just pisses his pants and trots along because you've just GO TO live life, man. Toilets are for the weak.
  • Hey, ladies, if you you want to get with Justin you need to be willing to go out to crunchy granola pubs in Burlington. Don't ask for mojitos unless you like being ridiculed. It's straight microbrew and Guinness for this crowd. Oh, and you need to get shitfaced, snuggle the night away, and wake up at 8 am the next day for a day of hand to hand combat on a boulder. Also, you might want to stop smelling your piss, because he's going to make you eat asparagus.
  • He's a dude dude. This is the level of dude where you're exempt from having your sexuality questioned because your taste is that tooly. Justin's book choices can lure any Loosey Gooosey into bed, but the rest of his interests are straight dude. Buuuut, he likes Freakonomics, so I'm on Team Justin.
The Pictures

I would love to go hiking or bouldering with Justin so that I can be a pussy and whine about needing a Starbucks, or tell him that someone should pave some sidewalks so I don't ruin my shoes. Actually maybe I'll challenge him to a dance off. Have you seen me kill it during Darrin's Dance Grooves? Ain't no lie, bye, bye, bye.


Anonymous said...

hand to hand combat on a boulder? where do you come up with this stuff, pamela? i think you should do a fakespace series.

matt said...

i need a new post! stat!