Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Name: Brendan
Age: 18
Location: Harmony, Pennsylvania

Why He's A Star:
  • Brendan is one of those kids who pretends like their look "just happens." Like, "I just rolled out of bed this morning and my hair was all emo like this. No, I didn't spend countless hours in the mirror trying to perfect the 'hair-covering-the-eyes' look. It's just how I am." Bitch, PLEASE. Two of his groups are: "hot emo hair", and "cool kids with cool hair." Note to Brendan, you can't create "cool." Unless you're us. In which case this blog is cool, and we created it.

  • Most of his friends have that stupid ass "TM" thing at the end of their display name. You know what I mean. It's irritating.

  • In his About Me section, after you get passed the pictures of coffee, cigarettes, and what looks like someone attempting to recycle a nazi swastika, you'll see that he's vomitingly in love with some girl who looks like a boy. Another note to Brendan: You're 18. You're not in love. She has crabs.

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