Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Name: Lydia
Age: 42
Location: ELIZABETH, New Jersey

Why she's a star:
  • A complete lack of any grammatical skills at such an advanced age definitely qualifies her as a star.
  • According to her About Me section, she's "divorces" with two "teen age" kids. Also, she's "very adventurist," which is a good quality to have if you're ever going to find someone that will accept that you're an idiot.
  • She does that thing that all Puerto Ricans do. You know what I mean. That "pride" shit. Note the beautiful background of what looks like a penitentiary superimposed on top of a Puerto Rican flag.
  • She's also looking for friends who can "party decently." If you think this is you, then go ahead and add her as a friend. Otherwise, peace out papi.

Check her out and for added fun, check out her underage son drinking here and her daughter's excessive use of swear words here.

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