Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Name: Wendy
Age: 53
Location: Kinston, North Carolina

Why She's A Star:

Ohhh my my my, where to begin?
  • Well, she applauds herself as being an excellent communicator. She says she can chat with kids, teens, or adults. This makes you wonder, why didn't she just say she can chat with "anyone" instead of "kids, teens, or adults." This explanation of "anyone" gives you a clue as to the kind of friends she has. Additionally, she hasn't forgotten "what it's like to be any age." Except, of course, her own. You're 53, granny. Lose the mini-skirts.

  • This quote:
    "If your [sic] fishing in alot [sic] of crab pots then keep goin [sic], this is the wrong fishing spot for you."


So, if you refuse to accept that you're old, check her out. Unless you're fishing in a lot of crab pots. In which case, this isn't your fishing hole. So keep fishing.

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